Our cooperation with Festival Maribor continues also in 2014. This year's concept is based on the same corporate image as the past ones. The color scheme stays recognizable with new main topic: STOLEN? This is how the festival creators announce this year's festival idea:


"Is music property? Under what circumstances can music be stolen? Such questions lie at the heart of the timely look of borrowing, appropriating and outright theft of music from the Baroque till the 21st century, from classical to jazz, rock, pop and electronic dance music. So we are seeking to explore stealing, borrowing and appropriating in music in a sophisticated context.

"Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal" - thus go words that Pablo Picasso may have said, meaning that one must be able to understand the principles why something works and then be able to apply this knowledge in new original ways. And finally, from this prospect - the taking of ideas is essential in order to keep art alive."

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AD: Matej Koren



- Outstanding festival 2012 Finalist

- Chosen among Europe's 10 Best Art and Music Festivals in 2014 (The Culture Trip)