I am Campaign

Nikon Slovenia&Austria


In the spring of 2010 Nikon launched a global advertising campaign called “In the heart of the image”. Our challenge was to bring this idea to the web in our local market. The brief was to prepare a web solution that will involve and engage a wide range of new potential customers from the target audience.


We created an online web application enabling users to create their own personalized I AM advertisement based on a photo which the user uploaded and equipped with their very own slogan. We managed to generate user interaction with the brand as well as peer to peer sharing of their Nikon advertisement.  


The results were outstanding. The campaign had around 600.000 users involved in Slovenia and about 3,4 millions in Austria. The Slovenian campaign was combined with a holistic product campaign with major Slovenian distributers, which led to a fantastic 25 % growth of market share in Slovenia.


The I AM … campaign really showed the power of social media and the potential of user generated interactive web campaigns. In 2010 we were one of the first  in the Slovenian market to producing this type of content rich competition. 



- Finalist at SOF 2010